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Review Submission


I LOVE this top! Thank you so much!!!

Angie E.

You Rock!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! It’s gorgeous and fits perfect!!! You Rock!!

-Melinda Roger

Great Seller

Items exactly as pictured and came with a cute thank you note. GREAT BOUTIQUE! Thank You 🙂

Jacquel R.


LOVE IT!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the fast shipping and great prices! Excellent Boutique

Pamela Jenson

All Dolled Up

I placed an order for my daughter around Christmas. Everything came quickly and it was perfect! My daughter loved everything!! The check out process was super easy and loved how it came all dolled up in pink packaging with a note from the owner and several cards I was able to give out to other friends 


New Favorite

My new favorite Boutique! Just as described, fast shipping, very friendly & easy to work with. 🙂

~ Tish

10 out of 10

These clothes are such good quality, and thanks to the owner for being so responsive to size inquiries, everything fit perfect! Such prompt service I received my items in two days! 10/10 recommend!

~Kristin, Wichita Kansas

Overwhelmed; with excitement

Okay, so I ordered a good many items from this boutique, and I just want to say that I am so overwhelmed; with excitement of course! This girl has her little boutique orders top notch. Everything came together, but was individually packaged in a clear bag with the item folded nicely, clean, and a thank you sticker for supporting her small business. Some items even have individual little cards in them then she took the time to even specifically wrote my name with a personalized message. For example: You’re Gorgeous, or You’re Awesome, and the one that says, It means so much! Something so small, but it blew me away… I can’t wait to tear into these bags and try everything on. If you knew my background, and what I’ve been going through for the past 11 years then you may just slightly get it a little, but you could never fully understand just what the simple little things like these personalized cards could ever mean to someone like me. So Thank you so so much. I absolutely adore your small business and the little bag of business cards explaining all that it stands for. You definitely have my support, and I’ll definitely be giving these business cards out to my family, and friends. You are definitely a Blessing my new friend!!